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This originated as a project to spread simple and easily understandable knowledge of our essential (vital) fatty acids Omega-6 and Omega-3 via social media, with the hope of reaching out to many to increase understanding of WHAT these fatty acids have to offer, HOW it works and what happens when it doesn’t work.


WHY it is so important to have sufficient Omega-3 DHA / EPA levels in the body is for fertility, for mothers, and for child development and basic health.


Our diet has changed over the past 60 years due to the food industry. We consume less and less fiber, vitamins, minerals, 1-3, 1-6 beta-glucans, vitamin D hormone, polyphenols, and Omega-3 DHA / EPA, while increasing the intake of, for example; Omega-6 and fast carbohydrates such as sugar is growing in consumption at a rapid rate.

Soon we will translate the Swedish book LIVSLUST into English

DESIRE FOR LIFE – Strong young people: Nourishment for body, soul and mind
In order for our children and young people to be able to be healthy, happy and develop on all levels, the basic needs must be available to them.

In this book, you will learn how our body’s vital nutritional needs positively affect our health and thus our ability to feel zest for life.

Heart of Sweden Foundation

Why did #THEHEALTHYAUNT arise as a project?

Twelve years ago, when my son was 9, he was diagnosed with gross dyslexia (dyslexia is included in the autism spectrum which has increased significantly among our children lately). He has compensated for his learning disability and has developed 100% perfect recall, which is unusual.

In connection with that investigation, I understood that I also have dyslexia, which has led to the development of other talents. When I read or take part in lectures, my brain translates it into images and metaphors. In this way, I remember and consolidate knowledge of how things relate to each other and how things work. When I then share my interpretation of this knowledge even more people began to understand the concepts. A teacher’s soul was born early in me.

Increase creativity and communication ability

I have a background as a high school teacher who’s passion has been to increase the creativity and communication ability of our young people with the help of aesthetic learning processes and entrepreneurial learning. Building on their talents and their passions to create something that they can support themselves on (in whole or in part) is something I love to do and am really passionate about.

Over the years, I have seen increased poor health among our young people, which is sad and is one of the reasons that I am currently working on bringing knowledge about how we can feel better and how we can prevent poor health.

When, just over nine years ago, I understood how important fatty acid balance and intake of extra Omega-3 is for our health, our heart and our brain, I gave my son an oil that contains large amounts of Omega-3 fats EPA and DHA in combination with polyphenols to see if it would help him with his cognitive ability linked to dyslexia.

My niece

Within 2 years, my son’s general grading scale was raised in high school from grades E-D-C to A-B-C. My experience was that he could concentrate better and, among other things, produce longer written texts. It made me read more about this and put myself into research studies. What I found and understood totally penetrated my heart.

My niece Meya is another reason for the “Fishlady informs”. Three years ago, she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, a disease that affects about 700 children a year in Sweden. The impact can be huge in every way, both for the affected and for their loved ones. There are many theories about what causes the disease, but there is no unanimous answer. A new theory that has emerged is that type 1 diabetes can be caused by inflammation.

Do I know anyone at all who enjoys perfect health?

Therefore, more research in this area is imperative, so please contribute via for example which supports research at Karolinska Hospital about dietary treatment at type 1 diabetes or at and support research on how to make stem cell transplants.

I have been close to experiencing the impact from poor health and finally I thought “Do I know anyone at all who is perfectly healthy?”

I couldn’t think of a single person. Some look healthy on the surface, but when spring comes they show signs of allergies.

Light Bulb Moment!

When the reality fully sunk in, that the lifestyle-related diseases have doubled since the 50’s and that another doubling is predicted within the next 10 years, I understood that there is no single society that can handle this. Neither financially nor emotionally!

We need to act HERE and NOW, there is no time to wait!

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