My gift to you is to succeed


What does being wealthy look like for you?

To me wealth means:

The world needs more sustainable entrepreneurs with a social conscience and at the same time I believe it is important to pursue social entrepreneurship with economic sustainability.

People who make ample money at the same time as having a positive impact on their surroundings should be supported and encouraged for the positive impact they have. If they make a profit, it opens up opportunities for helping even more people. Be a role model in what you accomplish and be inspired by others to do even more. What can you do that would help the world be a little better tomorrow?


My advice to you is to follow your heart and work for something that you are passionate about, something the world needs, that you can get paid for, things that are good for you and for everyone else too!

Support your loved ones to follow their heart and dreams by showing that you believe everything and anything is possible. You can do that with encouraging words, share a contact who may be able to help the person closer to their target, buy their services or products. It will mean a lot because their seeds will have the opportunity to grow.

Working in the field of preventive health, awakens many feelings and vulnerabilities that express themselves in many different ways. My motto is “Be Kind” and it also applies to yourself. Every day is a new day where we can make new choices.


"Be in your full spiritual power and boundaries cease to exist.
My gift to you is to succeed.
So now is the time - be creative, take the crucial step, spread your wings and fly "

- The corpus of the animal language - Solgaa

All children and young people have the right to mental and physical well-being

“You who buy my book #LIVLUST – Strong young people: Nutrition for body, soul & mind,
contributes to my Vision “That all children and young people have access to nutritious food on their plate”

“To support more companies that have sustainable ideas, services and products that benefit the world,” Enabling the next generation of entrepreneurial young entrepreneurs who have a focus on creating a healthier world, having more creativity, laughter and joy, and to an income with more diversity and presence. ”Yes, you must live today!

If you, like me, think this is important, please share its existence with others. You may be able to give a book to someone to help them maintain good health.

Creating a WIN-WIN  concept by working together to achieve common goals is the 2020s. Together we shine brighter and together we can achieve better health for the world!

Thank you very much to all of you who work with me and help me with my vision. Thanks to all of you who in the future choose to help.

Be Kind! / Cecilia Korp